Green Amethyst Engagement Rings

- The Complete Guide

1. Introduction


Also known as Prasiolite, the green amethyst is considered a highly spiritual gemstone. It is named Prasiolite after the Greek words “Parson” meaning leek (representing the color of plant) and “lithos” meaning stone.


Belonging to the same Quartz mineral family as the purple amethyst, and occurring once the amethyst stone is heated has given it a name of Green Amethyst in recent times.



2. Meaning


Gathering information from writings, books and folklore, it is believed that Green Amethyst is deeply associated with spiritual healing, clearing negativity, igniting love & compassion, strengthening emotions and bringing good fortune.

3. Origin



Belonging to the Quartz family, the amethyst is mined in the rich regions of Brazil, Madagascar, Myanmar and the popular Ural mountain ranges in Russia.


However, green amethyst does not occur naturally and currently nearly all the green amethyst available in the market results from heating. Not all amethysts turn green on heating though, according to gemmological sources, only amethyst from the Montezuma deposit in Brazil can be heated to produce green amethyst.

4. Physical Properties



Mineral FamilyQuartz
Varieties (Family Members)Amethyst, Ametrine, Citrine, Rose Quartz, Smoky Quartz
Refractive Index1.544 – 1.553
ColorsYellowish green - leaf-leek green
Hardness7 on the Mohs Scale
Heat SensitivityNo
WearabilityVery Good
TransparencyTransparent to Opaque
Popular ShapesOval, Round, Cushion, Pear & Emerald
Popular Sizes2.00 Carats ~ 3.50 Carats

5. Buying a Green Amethyst Engagement Ring



Proposing with a custom green amethyst engagement ring can be a heavenly combination of spirituality and breath-taking design.

Choosing a magnificent green amethyst wisely will complement the custom setting and make the ring stand out and shine in brilliance.




Like all other gemstones, change is color can affect the value of Green Amethyst greatly. Green amethyst occurs from yellowish light green to fine leek green color.

By default, we handpick only the premium leek colored natural AAA green amethyst for any of our rings.




Green amethyst is popularly cut in various shapes such as oval, round, cushion, emerald and pear. Irrespective of shape, it is important to choose a well cut green amethyst in order to bring out it’s shine and brilliance.




Since the green amethyst is available in good quantities, you should not compromise on clarity. At Nolan and Vada, we hand pick the gemstones high in clarity where inclusions are not visible to the naked eye.




Being a slightly denser gemstone than diamond, a Quartz similar to a diamond in size can weigh more. For example, an approximate 1.10 carat Quartz will visually look similar in size to a 1.00 carat diamond.

Popular size in carat weights for engagement rings among green amethyst fall under 2.00 carats ~ 3.50 carats

6. Enhancements

An acceptable and oldest trade practice of heating gemstones is a standard when it comes to producing Green Amethyst. Hence even if enhancements are not disclosed, it is safe to assume that the gemstone has gone through heating to bring out the leek green like color.

7. Certification

In recent times, there have been many discoveries where green amethyst is found to be synthetic Quartz constructed by hydrothermal methods.


At Nolan and Vada, we only sell 100% natural gemstones and for your peace of mind, every order comes with a complementary lab report and an insurance appraisal from a well-qualified & independent jewellery valuer accredited by Jewellery Valuers Society Inc. (JVS)

8. Care

Amethyst rates 7 on the Mohs scale of hardness and is considered to be durable and scratch-resistant enough for daily wear. However, like any other gemstone ring, it must be loved and cared in order to last for generations.


One of the most efficient, safe and effective method to clean your green amethyst engagement rings is in warm soapy water


  • Take a bowl of warm water with a dash of mild soap and a soft bristled toothbrush.


  • Gently scrub away the dirt and grime from the hard to reach spots.


  • Rinse and pat your ring dry with a soft lint free cloth.

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