Aquamarine Engagement Rings

- The Complete Guide

1. Introduction

Aquamarine, a stone with a soothing, calm and airy appearance is one of the most popular semi-precious gemstone. The birthstone for the month of March and a cousin to the popular vivid emerald, aquamarine belongs to the mineral family of beryl.


Long associated with ocean and water, the word aquamarine is known to be derived from old Latin expression of "aqua marina" with aqua translating to water and "marina" to sea.


Reminiscent of the sparkling blue ocean & minimalistic appeal, aquamarines have been a popular choice of center stone for engagement rings.

2. Meaning

Gathering information from writings, books and folklore, aquamarine is associated with calmness, trust and truth symbolizing peace, friendship and love.

3. Mythology

Anciently, aquamarines were also considered as a treasure of mermaids and were used by sailors for protection from Satan and good luck.

Ancient Romans believed that Neptune, god of the sea, got the stone when it fell from the siren's jewel box and washed ashore.

4. Origin

Obtaining color from layers of iron within colorless beryl, most of the aquamarine produced today comes from various mines in Brazil. Known to be the largest producer, fine aquamarines from Brazil come in medium to deep breath-taking colors.
Other popular regions producing aquamarines include Australia, Kenya, Madagascar, Mozambique, Zambia, Nigeria, China, Pakistan and most recently India.

5. Physical Properties

Mineral FamilyBeryl
Varieties (Family Members)Emerald
Refractive Index  15.64 - 1.596
Colors Blue to blue-green
Luster Vitreous
Hardness 7.5 - 8 on the Mohs Scale
Heat SensitivityNo
Transparency Transparent to opaque
Birthstone March
Popular ShapesEmerald, Cushion, Oval & Round
Popular Sizes2.00 Carats ~ 4.0 Carats

6. Noteworthy Aquamarines

Dom Pedro Aquamarine

Weighing 26 kg, the Dom Pedro aquamarine is the world’s largest cut gem. The stone was mined around 1980 in Minas Gerais region of Brazil. Named after Brazilian emperors Pedro I and Pedro II, the gemstone is currently located at National Museum of Natural History.



The Brazilian Aquamarine Parure Tiara

Commissioned by the Queen, the Aquamarine studded tiara was an addition to the royal aquamarine parure, her majesty received from the Brazilian president celebrating her coronation. The tiara crafted at Garrard, featured 3 elegantly long aquamarines set amongst diamonds and a band of intense blue aquamarines at the bottom.


Roosevelt Aquamarine

A gift presented to first lady Eleanor Roosevelt, this 1298-carat emerald cut remarkable gem was mined in Brazil. As stated by Eleanor, the remarkable deep greenish blue aquamarine represented the kindness of people of Brazil towards the America.

7. Buying an Aquamarine Engagement Ring


Proposing with an aquamarine engagement ring can be a perfect choice for couples seeking a birthstone engagement ring or among couples who adore the calm, soothing and minimalistic appearance of the breath-taking aquamarine.


Choosing a good colored aquamarine wisely will complement the custom setting and make the ring stand out and shine in brilliance.




Colored by the element Iron, finest quality aquamarines emit a medium dark blue to greenish blue color. Unlike other gemstones, the value of aquamarine comes mainly from its tone rather than hue and saturation.


At Nolan and Vada, we handpick medium to dark toned aquamarines, ethically produced from the mines in the region of Brazil and Africa





To retain maximum clarity and brilliance, aquamarines are cut to bring out the best shades of blue to blue-green from the rough.


The crystal nature of the gemstone makes emerald cut the most popular shape however, other shapes such as oval, round and cushion are seen quite regularly as well.




Generally, aquamarines are less included than other gemstones and most of the aquamarines are usually eye clean and lack visible inclusions seen by naked eye.


Fine aquamarines are known for their excellent transparency hence you should not compromise on clarity. At Nolan and Vada, we hand pick aquamarines high in clarity where inclusions are not visible to naked eye (eye-clean)





Being a slightly denser gemstone than diamonds, an aquamarine similar to a size of diamond can weigh more. For example, an approximate 1.20 carat aquamarine will visually look similar in size to a 1.00 carat diamond.


Popular size in carat weights for engagement rings among aquamarine fall under 2.00 carats ~ 4.00 carats

8. Enhancements

When mined, most aquamarines come with a slight greenish tint which is routinely removed by acceptable trade practice of heating to approx. 375°C. Heating aquamarine is a very common practice as it does not affect the tone, only the hue of the stone.


Since the process of heating is impossible to detect and distinguish among aquamarines, it is safe to assume that most pure blue aquamarines are probably heated.

9. Certification

At Nolan and Vada, we only sell 100% natural gemstones and for your peace of mind, every order comes with a complementary lab report and an insurance appraisal from a well-qualified & independent jewellery valuer accredited by Jewellery Valuers Society Inc. (JVS)

10. Care

Aquamarine rate 7.5-8 on the Mohs scale of hardness and is considered to be durable and scratch-resistant enough for daily wear. However, like any other gemstone ring, it must be loved and cared for in order to last for generations.


One of the most efficient, safe and effective method to clean your aquamarine engagement rings is in warm soapy water


  • Take a bowl of warm water with a dash of mild soap and a soft bristled toothbrush.


  • Gently scrub away the dirt and grime from the hard to reach spots.


  • Rinse and pat your ring dry with a soft lint free cloth.

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